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Who can list on iBellyDance? Anyone with a website/webpage, whose topic is related directly, or peripherally, to this directory. If there is not a category that is a good fit but you feel your site is applicable, submit and a moderator may add a new category!

Is it free of charge? Yes, a reciprocal and standard link are free. There is a paid option for a featured link which is expounded on below. 

How do I list on iBellyDance? First, register to iBellyDance. Once that quick process is complete and you are logged in, click “Submit” and choose “Link”. Fill out the required fields and it will be approved by a moderator.

How long is the moderator review time? Your listing will be live in 24 hrs or less.

When I am in the link submittal process I can choose between a reciprocal, standard or featured link, what is the difference?

  • A reciprocal link is a link and description of you/your website AND you place a link (URL) to iBellyDance on the links page of your website. Choose the reciprocal link option and type the url of your links page in the corresponding field. You can cross list in up to 3 different categories if you choose reciprocal link.
  • A standard listing is a link and description of you/your website. You can cross list in up to 2 different categories if you choose regular link.
  • A featured listing is a link and description of you/your website that permanently appears at the top of the page, and includes an embedded video and image option. You can cross list in up to 5 different categories if you choose featured link.

 How much does a featured listing cost? $9.95 USD per semester (6 months).

 How do I pay for a featured listing? If you choose the featured link radio button during link submittal you will be directed to a checkout page via Paypal where you have the option of using Paypal OR a credit/debit card (no paypal account required).

What is an appropriate Article submission? A body of work whose topic is relevant to this directory. Your work can take the form of a photo report, interview, educational or entertainment article, opinion paper, review... It should be at least a page, articles that exceed 3 pages *may* be broken into installments or edited. Please spell check and proof your work before submission. Picture(s) of yourself and/or photo's regarding the topic, if applicable, should be included if possible. Embedded video accompaniment also encouraged. Please omit blatant self promotion in the body of work. If you wish, you can include a brief biography of yourself (one paragraph) that we can publish alongside your article.