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Makhtarnash (We Did Not Choose)

Date Added: February 11, 2013 03:06:22 PM
Author: Admin
Category: Middle Eastern Music: Mid-East Lyric Translations

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We did not choose to love each other.
We didn't choose, for we are controlled by destiny.
It is chance, destiny, fortune without either intentor prior arrangement.
So you and me, my darling,
didn't mean to love which means that this is true love, does it not?
We do not control our destiny.
It is either love or it is nothing.

Forget what is said about glances of admiration,

or about our greetings, or talks about lovers,
and about anxious souls.
These are but the reasons, for it is true we are governed by our destiny.
Whatever you do or feel, the question remains unanswered.
Don't say that it was our choice.
What brought about our meeting was a controlling destiny.

When I saw you the first time,

I felt I had seen you before, many years ago.
You, too, felt from the start that you had known me before;
it was as if we even agreed on a date for,
with the understanding of each other and the missing of each other,
it was as if we matched each other with similar inclinations.
We were brought together by nothing other than
the feelings engendered in two loving hearts,
or two halves which together completed one another.
Why, from millions, did you choose me?
And similarly, why did I choose you?
It was chance, destiny, fortune...