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Law Sa'alouk (If They Ask You)

Date Added: February 11, 2013 02:59:58 PM
Author: Admin
Category: Middle Eastern Music: Mid-East Lyric Translations

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Nothing is dilficult for us in life, my darling, except separation.
Our days. passing like the clouds, are taken up with
give and take. with love and torture.
The days pass judgement upon us, thorns wound our hands.
May God have mercy upon us and punish such errant days.
If you are asked about me, my darling, or about my love,
do not say you are angry with me.

I find it difficult, yes difficult, to forget the friendships and

then the people's gossip and their defamation of me.
I conceal the wounds just the same as
you conceal your love and ecstasy, my darling.
Isn't it sufficient, my darling,
to bear my wounds for several nights ...
so why help those who dislike me and rejoice in my misfortune ?
Nothing is difficult lor us in life. my darling, except separation.

If you come across my friends, and if they ask about me,

don't tell them that you have deserted me
and allow them to rejoice in my misfortune.
When I see them they ask after you but
I keep silent although the tears,
in my confusion, usually betray me.
You, who are my darling, are without compare
and none will follow you in my life.

Yes, I find It difficult to forget the friendship,

the people's gossip and their defamatory remarks about me.
No. no, no ... my darling, no. I cannot bear the separation.
How long is my joumey, how long to endure the patience,
the torture, the strange lonely nights?
In this long wait desolation becomes my home,
for you are not near to me.
I cannot find the means to endure it and, yes.
I find it so difficult, yes so difficult, to forget the friendship,
the people's gossip ... their defamatory remarks about me ...