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Fark El Seneen (The Difference of Years)

Date Added: February 11, 2013 12:16:04 PM
Author: Admin
Category: Middle Eastern Music: Mid-East Lyric Translations

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The difference of years between any two people has no significance
between lovers
I see always reflected in your eyes the best times
The times lived by two lovers.

For me, life started with you because before I met you, I had not lived
It is true that many, many years that separate us
but when I am with you I do not feel the diffrerence.

I am tried of coming and going
I have looked into so many eyes, and loved
But I never really loved in my life, only with you can I say I really loved.

Yes, the years have passed before you
and I also knew people before I met you
Love has swept me into the desires of its nights
and made me forget what I had been, before you
It has made me forget my age and has given me a new time in which to live
I am reborn again through your love
and you have brought paradise close to me through your love
All I hope is that I can repay you as much as
the compassion in your heart deserves.