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Bawadaak (Farewell)

Date Added: February 11, 2013 12:12:49 PM
Author: Admin
Category: Middle Eastern Music: Mid-East Lyric Translations

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I bid you farewell, I bid the world farewell along with you
who killed me, you who injured me.
I have forgiven your harshness.
I bid you farewell without saying goodbye,
without blame and without words that injure.
I injure you!

In the name of agony, leave me quickly.
My great love will safeguard you on your way.
God go with you.

I bid you farewell.
I leave a lover who bade you farewell before time.
I bid you farewell.
Talk to me... I am eager to hear from you;
it is a long time since I bid you farewell.
I leave you with a desire for the touch of your hand,
for a farewell touch.
What misery, I hate you!...
No! I love you!

A lifetime has gone with the wind!
Yesterday was warmed with your companionship.
I am your journey;
I am forgiveness, irrespective of the wounds.
My great love will guard you on your way.
God go with you.
On this very night I wrote to you,
on this my birthday, a song just for you,
to remind you of your appointment.

My love, the nights come to make you forget;
you come to enlighten my loneliness with your smile.
Strangers and I all wish you'd remembered the date and come,
but it seems you have forgotten?
Everybody remembered but you, who forgot.
I will make you hear your song.
A happy year to you, the happy person
suffering with my tears at the feast.

I have never in my loneliness, forgotten the dates.
Did you like your song?
I bid you farewell with a bitter silence.
I am but a guest who passed, thirsty
and I drank from your love.
How generous you were.
I bid you farewell.
My name is patience.
I am under an order, my love is awake to protect you on your way.
God go with you.